A pianist from Korolev became a laureate of the Neuhaus Competition in the Ural

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November 13, 2015, 16:34 | Updated on November 17, 2015, 20:02 RIAMO (KOROLEV) - On November 13, Ivan Gusev, a pedagogue at the Children’s School of Arts in Korolev, became a 3rd place winner of the Heinrich Neuhaus International Competition, as Larisa Yakovenko, a deputy principal for organization and community work of the Children's School of Art, reported for the Korolev News Agency on Friday. “Ivan Gusev is a piano graduate of the Korolev Children’s School of Arts. He is a graduate of...
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Music of His Destiny

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MUSIC OF HIS DESTINY It is amazing that even people who have no connection to music whatsoever, brighten up when they hear the name of this young pianist: “Ivan Gusev? Why, yes!” Today he is already a laureate of the third Stanislav Neuhaus International Music Competition. But people of Korolev still know Ivan as their fellow townsman. Naturally, Ivan Sergeevich was sitting at his piano when I came to the Korolev Children’s School of Arts, where he has been both teaching and work...
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Sputnik (December 3, 2015)