From his early childhood, Ivan Gusev steeped in the atmosphere of humanitarian knowledge became deeply interested in teaching.

Passionate about sharing his art from a young age, he started to teach at the age of sixteen when he was a student at Gnesin`s College.

He devoted a substantial amount of time to teaching — he taught private lessons and helped his collegiate friends develop a better technique in piano.

While attending Moscow Conservatory, Ivan continued to teach private lessons. He enjoyed coaching his musical community. He worked with other pianist and chamber musicians. He also was employed in several Moscow music schools teaching and accompanying. His students played in the great music halls of Moscow and they won many competitions.

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Here are the words of legendary professor of Moscow conservatory, Elena Sorokina praising Ivan very highly both as a performer and as a teacher:

"Ivan Gusev is one of absolutely best alumnus of Moscow conservatory which I have seen in more than 50 years of my experience in music. I have chosen him to partner with me in my educational lectures and presentations to his very rare and unique mastery of some of the most challenging pieces of classical repertoire and his depth of expression that are so important in educational endeavors."

Famous soprano Maria Ferrante:

"Working with my students as an accompanist, Ivan showed incredible skills both as a teacher and a pianist. He organizes the process of music making in such a way that a student of any level does his or her best while working with him. Ivan has a sixth sense which helps him to feel the individuality of each student and to help to develop and show their talents in the best possible way whether it is in the classroom or on the stage ."

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The Mother of Ivan`s student, Katherine Pomberg, who became a laureate of the competition called "City`s flowers" in Korolev, Moscow district :

“Mr, Gusev`s has a very unique combination of qualities as a teacher and musician — extremely high-level of professionalism, very vaste and profound knowledge of music, a rich inside world, a very kind heart and a sincere love of children. He instilled to my daughter the love of music, opened the way to a fantastic world of dreams and happiness. Each lesson was unique. Mr. Gusev taught Katherine to control herself and be self-confident on the stage. It helped her to have many very successful stage performances and to become a laureate of the competition. He is not only a teacher but a friend and subtle psychologist”

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"My teaching philosophy is to find an individual approach and to understand the personality of each student. I not only teach technique of playing, but I also work on controlling the mind and body. I teach a background of musical knowledge which helps the students in his or her performance. Musical form, details of text and, of course, imagery and emotional context all help produce a consummate musician."
Ivan Gusev

Ivan is not only a private teacher but also an author of educational concert-lectures for adults and children which were greeted with great success in NYC and Boston.

"Ivan’s concert and lecture about Mussorgsky’s music in New York City was both extremely enjoyable and educational, and overall, very impressive. The stories excited the children in the audience and the accompanying pictures and music created an atmosphere of a magical fairytale."Galiya Tleulova about Mr. Gusev`s concert-lecture on Mussorgsky`s “Pictures at an Exhibition” at New York University.

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